How A Woman And Her Son Cracked Public Service Commission Exam Together


The mother and son are all set to join the government service together.

In a truly inspiring story from Kerala, a 42-year-old woman and her 24-year-old cleared Kerala Public Service Commission together.

Bindu, an anganwadi (rural child care centre) teacher for the last 10 years, wanted a job in the government service. An avid reader, she would encourage her son Vivek, who was in Class 10 then, to read books. Nine years later, they are all set to join the government service together.

They went to classes together and it was Vivek’s father who stood by them throughout their journey. However, Bindu couldn’t keep up with her busy angawadi schedule.

“I am the best example of what a PSC aspirant should be and should not be. By that, I mean I did not study continuously. I started preparing for the exam six months before the test date. Then I took a break till the next round of exams are announced three years later” said Bindu.

Because of these pauses, she said, she couldn’t clear the exams the last three times.

“Maybe, it is due to these breaks in preparation that I never managed to clear the exams before now. At the same time, I am also an example of persistence paying off in the end. If you keep at it, despite the failures, you will eventually attain success,” added Bindu.

She got lucky the fourth time and cleared the Last Grade Servants exam with a rank of 92 while her son cleared the Lower Divisional Clerk exam with a rank of 38.

“We both studied together but never thought that we’ll qualify together. We’re both very happy,” said an elevated Vivek.

He said their family members and friends were a source of encouragement to them.

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